Epsom Community Library

Free, but you must register to attend


A clean and well lubed chain is one of the best ways to recreate that smooth ‘new bike’ ride feeling. Your chain and cassette naturally wear down overtime, give them some love and in return prolong their lifetime. Reduce waste, save dimes! Love your bike.

You’ll learn to clean, rinse, and dry your chain and cassette – using everyday household items! How to lubricate it and how often. We’ll share some general chain tips including how to put your chain back on when it slips off.

In this session we’ll also provide you with a short demo on puncture repair basics. You’ll see how to remove and refit a wheel, tyre and inner tube. You’ll learn to identify the puncture cause; patch an inner tube; and properly inflate your tyres.


Cycle Babes free-to-access sessions provide people with hands-on cycle skills, confidence and leadership abilities in a relaxed group setting. We are trans and queer inclusive and warmly welcome women and non-binary people of all ages and backgrounds to our events.
Big thanks to Albert-Eden Local Board and Albert-Eden Climate Action Network for their support. Our sessions are all free to access, but! If you are in a good position to provide koha to Tumeke Cycle Space we would absolutely love that.

Cycle Babes is all about learning from your peers, making new friends, recognising each other’s skills and sharing knowledge in a community group setting. So you can gain confidence in your abilities, learning by your own hand through the support of the group.


Spaces are limited! Registration via Eventbrite is essential.

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