Waiheke Resources Trust


Join us for an evening of rapid-fire stories of two-wheeled adventures at our Pecha Kucha Bike Adventure event.

Experience the charm of storytelling as cyclists and adventurers share their most cherished moments on two wheels. From scenic rides through quiet countryside to unexpected encounters along the way, our speakers will take you on a journey that celebrates the simple joy of cycling.

Using the Pecha Kucha format, each storyteller will have a brief window to share their personal tales. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or someone curious about the world of bike adventures, this event offers an intimate look into the shared experiences and sense of togetherness that cycling brings.

Come and connect with like-minded individuals, gain new insights into the world of cycling, and leave with a renewed appreciation for the beauty of the open road. Join us for an evening of two-wheeled stories, where the love for cycling comes to life through the art of storytelling.

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