Wish Cafe, K road


Join us for coffee at Wish Cafe (my fav!) and a group ride along protected cycleways to vote together at the Greek Community and Orthodox Parish of Auckland!

We aren’t gonna talk about politics at this event so make your mind up on who to vote for before you come!
Children are welcome. Dogs are encouraged. There may be lots of waiting at the voting place (sorry!). Consider what you’ll do with the dogs and children while we wait. The dogs could all be piled onto Fiáin. This is a good and viable option. It would be a great birthday gift.

The rulez:
– no talking about which political party you are voting for
– no debating policies
– respect each other (pronouns etc)
– don’t be a party pooper (unless you’re a child. Then it’s allowed)
– bring a dog. If you don’t have a dog, steal someone else’s dog and bring it. Voting with Fiáin costs 1 dog.

The route:
Our route will go along Karangahape road, down East street to connect onto Ian McInnon Drive – and then we’ll follow the North Western cycleway the whole way there! Please be courteous to any pedestrians – ring your bell to say hello and give them lots of room when passing. Make sure you leave room for other people on bikes to pass as well.

How to vote:
You can register to vote and update your details online here – https://vote.nz/enrolling/enrol-or-update/enrol-or-update-online/?
Once you’ve registered to vote you’ll be sent an easy vote card in the mail. Bring it on the day – it helps!
Don’t worry, if you are late to register you can still do a “special vote” on election day. It’s just a bit of a more annoying process.

Anything else?
We might do something fun afterwards – I haven’t decided yet! Ideas welcome!
*My birthday is actually the day before on the 13th but y’know, same same

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