Yes, this is a blatant rip-off of Bike Te Atatu’s BuyCycle campaign! 😀

To participate, post your photos of you and/or your bike and/or your shopping along New North Road with the hashtag #BuyCycleNNR. If possible, also tag the business where you shopped!
We also accept email submissions – contact us at

Note: We are very liberal with our definition of bike! We are quite happy to include submissions featuring skateboards, wheelchairs, trikes, etc! If it would make sense on a wide shared path, it is welcome in this competition c:
We are also very liberal with our definition of New North Road! Anywhere nearby and all the way along including Avondale shops (Great North Road) is welcome. We probably won’t even notice if it’s a photo of your bike outside a shop in a totally different city. You’d still be in the run for prizes!