Bike Fix Day – Roskill Bike Kitchen

When: Saturday, 20th October: 10am – 3pm

Where: Roskill Youth Zone (behind Wesley Community Centre), 740 Sandringham Road Extension, Mt Roskill

Organised by: Roskill Bike Kitchen

More info: Roskill Bike Kitchen Website

Once a month we gather around the Roskill Youth Zone (740 Sandringham Rd Extension) and fix bikes! There is lots to do no matter whether you are an experienced bike mechanic or a keen learner. We have tools. You will receive lunch in return for you mahi. You will get to meet locals from the hood. You will get to meet some very cool community animators, heaps of kids on their bike, workers and if you a really lucky, you Chino my cute we fluffy dog might let you take him for a walk.

We have given over 250 refurbished bicycles to families in the area who need them. That means 250 people who were not cycling before, are now pedalling around. Make sure you check out a map before you head over as you can get to us without going on the road by using the Waterview Path if you are coming from the city, or the path along SH20 if you are coming from Onehunga. There are quiet parallel routes made nice for cycling either side of Dominion Rd if you are up for some way-finding.

Biketober Auckland is presented by Bike Auckland, the non-profit organisation working for a better city for people on bikes.